TNA Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for April 13

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Show Opener

The show starts with a recap of everything that happened last week.  From the culmination of Davey Richards versus Eddie Edwards in Last Man Standing to the many returns for the commentator battle.  It clarified the build up to tonight’s show for those who may have just tuned in.

Reno Scum vs Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. vs The Decay

Result: Reno Scum def. Kid and Garza Jr. and the Decay via pinfall

Laredo Kid and Garza Jr take control of Reno Scum early in the match.  Crazy Steve is tagged in an act of desperation by Reno Scum.  Steve gives the Decay control with his unorthodox offense.  He keeps Garza Jr. in their corner until Jr finds a brief opening.  That time to breath gives Reno Scum another chance to go on the offensive.  The Decay regains control throughout everyone else’s efforts but Reno Scum capitalize at the right time.  Reno Scum continues their momentum in the tag team division after a victory with their aided facebuster.

Impact Wrestling is still throwing talent at the wall and seeing how much they stick.  There have been many multi-man matches over the past few weeks but they must narrow it down soon.  Reno Scum is looking like the next in line to face LAX for the Tag Team Championships but the Decay logically should be the next in line.  I like Reno Scum but the Decay did find the physical championships and that should mean something.

Andrew Everett goads Shane Helms into his X-Division match tonight in perhaps an attempt to even the odds in an eventual title match.