TNA Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for April 13

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A New No. 1 Contender

Bruce Prichard comes out to announce the No. 1 contender to the Impact Wrestling World Championship.  It was determined by a fan vote which was agreed upon last week by EC3 and James Storm.  Prichard announces that the fans decided to select James Storm but EC3 disagrees.  Ethan Carter III storms to the ring and claims that the new regime is rigged.  Bruce Prichard tells EC3 to ask himself what happened to the old EC3.  He reminds Carter that he tapped out and that may be why he wasn’t chosen.  Prichard requests that EC3 look deep inside himself on why he quit against Alberto El Patron.

This looks to be the start of the heel turn for Ethan Carter III.  He feels in the minority with his aunt now out of power.  The reaction from both the fans and EC3 seems to be the start of Carter returning to his original self.  It was odd that the fans turned so quickly but this seems like what Carter will have to do to get back to the World Championship.

KM and Sienna vs Braxton Sutter and Allie

Result: Sutter and Allie def. KM and Sienna via pinfall

Sutter and Km start the match with an aggressive taste to it.  Braxton Sutter gains control but Sienna gets involved.  Allie returns the favor by tripping up KM which enrages Sienna.  The outside involvement gives KM a chance to take control.  KM’s offense is short lived as Sutter suplexes him into the corner.  Sienna tries to attack from behind but this allows Allie to come in with even more momentum.  Classy Sienna tries to slam Allie but is tripped by KM giving Allie to pinfall.

After the match, Fury is unleashed in the form of Kongo Kong.  He doesn’t even need to attack Sutter from behind as he is massive enough where it doesn’t matter.  Braxton Sutter is left laying in the corner and after Laurel intervenes, Allie suffers the same fate.

This match went over pretty well and the fans were relatively into it.  Sutter and Allie get the fairy tale victory but it doesn’t end well.  There is no way to explain Kongo Kong but he’s a monster that will be in Sutter and Allie’s nightmares.  With a new crew to run with, Laurel may be able to finally get her revenge and return to her old self.  The only issue is that Kongo Kong’s appearance was almost too normal for all the build up.