TNA Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for April 13

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Rosemary vs Santana Garrett

Result: Rosemary def. Garrett via pinfall

Rosemary attacks Santana Garrett early with aggression.  The unknown moveset of Garrett may have caught the Knockout’s Champion off guard early in the match.  Rosemary fights back but Garrett seemed to be providing more competition than expected.  Eventually, Rosemary ends the match with the Red Wedding.

I was excited to see Santana Garrett back in the Impact Zone.  She was one of my favorites from a few years ago and I still keep up with her work on the internet.  Even as a jobber, she still seems to make the match seem competitive.  I hope this isn’t a one-time match and that she gets another chance in Impact because she could help the Knockout’s Division.  There has to be some development with the title because unfortunately there are times when I forget that Rosemary is the champion.

Andrew Everett vs Marshe Rockett vs Suicide vs Shane Helms

Result: Everett is victorious

Helms escapes to the outside and Brian Stiffler is having none of it as Trevor Lee is sent to the back.  It seems like Everett has the target on his back and Helms gets involved when it’s best.  Everett didn’t let the gang mentality take him out as he took control when he could.  Suicide almost takes out Everett but Helms takes him out of the ring.  Helms hits an arm trap facebuster and taunts afterward but it gives Everett a chance to fight back.  The shooting star press earns Everett another X-Division victory.

After the match, Trevor Lee and Shane Helms attacks Everett from behind.  Everett fights back and sends Helms fleeing as he leaves Trevor Lee laying in the middle of the ring.  This could definitely be a sign of things to come if Everett can replay this scene against Trevor Lee.

I was immediately interested in what Shane Helms would do in this match.  His heel tactics were perfect and he looked pretty good during his time in the match.  I am liking the build between Lee and Everett and this is possibly the set up to a new X-Division Champion.