WWE SmackDown Live: Division Power Rankings After Superstar Shakeup

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SmackDown Live, Photo by WWE.com

Welcome to the SmackDown Live Division Power Rankings after the Superstar Shakeup.

These are the power rankings for each division on SmackDown Live for this following week. Each division would be ranked based on storyline progression and win-loss record as of 2017. Also, each division would be divided by contenders and pretenders, to differentiate the challengers in their respective division. I’ll also highlight a specific superstar in each division and explain their ranking based on their actions. Win-loss record is provided by CageMatch.Net.

Each superstar or tag team can move up or down the rankings based on victory, defeat or storyline progression. Let’s get right to the rankings.

Photo by WWE.com

The SmackDown Live Women’s Division

Highlights of the Division

Naomi will have her work cut out for her as the reigning and defending Women’s Champion on SmackDown Live. After defeating the top contender Alexia Bliss last week to retain her title, she’s now going to have to contend with a whole batch of hungry challengers. The champion should be able to hold on the title until her ultimate showdown with the Queen—Charlotte.

Speaking of the Queen, Charlotte accomplished everything she set out to do on Monday Night Raw as a three-time Women’s Champion. Getting traded to SmackDown Live will reset the slump she’s been in since February and put her back on the fast track back to championship gold.

But at the moment, Becky Lynch is the top contender of the division after the departure of Alexia Bliss. She deserves an opportunity to challenge Naomi for the title as soon as the next pay per view looms around. 

The dark horse contender of the division is still Carmella. In order for her to shed that status, she’ll need either beat the champion in a non-title situation or any of the top title contenders. I’m confident that she’ll shatter the championship glass ceiling soon enough.

Nikki Bella is still taking time off but she’ll be looking in the rear view mirror as Natalya, Tamina Snuka and Lana will climb the ranks off the pretender’s list and into contender status.

Let’s see the rankings for the division this week.

SmackDown Live Women’s Champion: Naomi (5 Wins – 0 Losses)


  • Top Contender: Becky Lynch (6 Wins – 6 Losses)
  • Contender No. 2: Carmella (4 Wins – 2 Losses)
  • Contender No. 3: Charlotte (4 Wins – 7 Losses)


  • Pretender No. 1: Nikki Bella (3 Wins – 1 Loss)
  • Pretender No. 2: Natalya (1 Win – 4 Losses)
  • Pretender No. 3: Tamina Stuka (N/A)
  • Pretender No. 4: Lana (N/A)