WWE Stock Watch: Kevin Owens’ Value Skyrockets

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3. RISING: Alexa Bliss

Remember those disjointed promos on SmackDown Live when all of the women on the roster would show up and bicker in preparation for their all-out WrestleMania 33 match? Even though everything seemed poorly thought-out, one superstar shined in those hard-to-follow arguments.

Whenever Alexa Bliss speaks, you have to listen. I can’t think of a superstar on either women’s roster who is as good at captivating a crowd as Bliss, and she is at least as good as The Miz and Kevin Owens when it comes to cutting heel promos. Bliss owned both Bayley and Sasha Banks in her Raw debut, and even though she’ll be in a program with Mickie James, I can’t help but wonder if she’ll be the catalyst to help further the storyline of Sasha turning on Bayley.

Whatever the case, Bliss’s move to Raw is a sign that the company has a great deal of trust in her. She can draw heat from any crowd, and I’ll never forget how she immediately sapped a negative reaction after Naomi was forced to relinquish the SmackDown Women’s Championship due to her injury.

Nia Jax’s win over Charlotte Flair may have put her in a position to be the most-strongly booked heel in the Raw women’s division, but, make no mistake, Bliss is the top heel in terms of importance and ability. She’ll continue to steal the show whenever she has the mic in her hands.