WWE Stock Watch: Kevin Owens’ Value Skyrockets

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2. FALLING: American Alpha

Man, whenever The Usos and American Alpha step into the ring to face each other, magic happens. Chad Gable’s moonsaults are somehow as breath-taking as Charlotte’s, the in-stereo suplex counter was a great spot, and The Usos are just the perfect heel tag team.

That feud is over, though, and American Alpha is stuck with a program with The Shining Stars. Now, I don’t hate The Shining Stars, but it’s just so hard to take one of Raw’s prototypical jobber teams seriously. It’s telling that the most notable thing about their appearance was this joke.

On Talking Smack, Dolph Ziggler tried to hype up The Shining Stars, but you can’t his word too seriously; his job with the company is pretty much to promote newcomers or anyone the fans might not be currently high on.

Going from a feud with The Usos to a rivalry with The Shining Stars is clearly a step down for American Alpha, and it’s one that could hurt them. I have hope that their elite in-ring work will allow them to have a solid rivalry with the newest SmackDown Live tag team, but American Alpha’s stock has dropped.