WWE Raw: 5 Exciting Potential Feuds Following Superstar Shakeup

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With the WWE Superstar Shakeup in the rear view mirror, what new feuds could emerge on Monday Night Raw in the future?

This past week, the WWE Superstar Shakeup came and went. This saw a handful of talents switch brands, including some surprise names. It gives the rosters a different look after WrestleMania 33, during a time where things can take a while to develop.

SmackDown’s loss is very much Raw’s gain. While GM Kurt Angle did watch the likes of Charlotte, Kevin Owenson toand Sami Zayn leave for Tuesday nights, his show now owns Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose and Alexa Bliss.

Not only does the shakeup give the transitioning Superstars the opportunity to freshen up their characters on a new show, but it also opens up a host of new rivalries.

Kevin Owens was a Universal and United States champion on Raw. Charlotte held a vice grip over the Women’s division. As they transition to Team Blue, new opportunities arise for those remaining on Raw. The shakeup also ensured all three members of The Shield were on the same brand.

What feuds could be sparked on Raw now that the shakeup has freshened up the roster?