WWE Raw: 5 Exciting Potential Feuds Following Superstar Shakeup

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2. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose’s arrival on Raw means all three members of The Shield are together again. Any hopes of a reunion should be put on hold as each character is in its own spot right now, especially Roman Reigns.

That’s not to say Ambrose shouldn’t cross paths with the man that broke up The Shield in the first place. Seth Rollins established himself as one of the company’s top heels when he hit Reigns in the back with a steel chair and put an end to one of the most dominant factions in recent memory.

Times have changed. Rollins is building steam as a babyface, while Ambrose’s role on SmackDown hit a roadblock. Moving to Monday nights presents new potential rivalries for Ambrose, but ultimately a change of direction could work wonders in freshening up his character.

Imagine a scenario where Rollins and Ambrose are working together to combat Samoa Joe, only for Ambrose to turn his back on Rollins to flip the narrative from three years ago. We’re yet to see what a heel Ambrose can do on his own.

Given the history between these two men and a fresh narrative with Rollins as the good guy and Ambrose the bad guy, this feud could dominate the summer.