WWE Raw: 5 Exciting Potential Feuds Following Superstar Shakeup

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1. Mickie James vs. Sasha Banks

Nine Women’s Championship reigns make up Mickie James and Sasha Banks.

We need to see more one-on-one battles in the division on both brands as opposed to triple threats, fatal four-ways and six-pack challenges. If Alexa Bliss is to challenge Bayley for the Women’s title, we could see Sasha Banks and Mickie James feud.

Why? Because both believe that no matter who the champion is, they are the best Superstar on Raw. They have the championship pedigree to back it up.

Both are babyfaces right now, but Mickie James is fresh off a brief heel run on SmackDown and has seamlessly transitioned between being a good guy and bad guy throughout her career. Flipping James to heel would be the best move now, holding off a Sasha turn for later in the year.

James’ ability to evolve her character over the years means she’s just as capable of obsessing over Trish Stratus as she is teaming with Alexa Bliss to take down Becky Lynch. Or in this case, showing Sasha Banks that she’s the true Boss.

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Nia Jax will have something to say in the title picture before long, but James and Banks could put together an excellent one-on-one program together. Sasha should ultimately come out on top and eventually go onto feud with Bayley.