WWE NXT Atlanta Results: Live Report from Apr. 13


A live report from Thursday night’s WWE NXT live event from Atlanta, GA.

On Thursday night, WWE NXT rolled through Atlanta and put on one hell of a show at Center Stage. This venue has a rich history in wrestling. In fact, I saw many shows there as a child myself. To be able to take my kids to a show in such a place was a privilege. As I have come to expect with NXT, it didn’t disappoint.

Recent additions to the main rosters, The Revival, Tye Dillinger, and Shinsuke Nakamura were in attendance as a part of their farewell run. It was fantastic getting to see them all in the show, and meeting them and so many earlier in the day.

The night started with a matchup between Kassius Ohno and Dan Matha. Dan Matha debuted on NXT in October against Samoa Joe taking a loss and I can’t recall hearing much of him since. He is definitely a big guy who took the fight to Ohno. After a lot of back and forth, and a very vocal crowd got behind Ohno, we saw Kassius pull out a win. After the three count. Ohno played to the crows before heading backstage.

Next we got hit with a tag team women’s division match. Mandy Rose and Daria teamed up to take on Ruby Riot and Kimber Lee. Mandy Rose was all about showing off and Daria was a little too hyped about being the tough one in my opinion. They were more show than action for me. Riot and Lee were about the wrestling and showed it. While Daria and Rose had control much of the match, in the end Riot and Lee got the big win. Solid match despite the showier performance of the losers.

The third match of the night brought us Kona Reeves against Aleister Black. Kona caught a good bit of heat from the crowd. While the crowd loudly chanted that Reeves was stupid, he responded with “I’ll show you stupid” and attacked Black. The attacked only lasted a few minutes until Black took control and picked up the win. He sat cross legged in the middle of the ring amid a mass of cheers.

The next match was our first sendoff match of the night. Patrick Clark came out and cut a promo attempting to deliver a heel promo, shooting down what he referred to as the dirty dirty. Then the Perfect Ten, Tye Dillinger came out and proceeded to deliver a promo on Clark, stating that the Dirty South was the place to be. Clark then said the audience was all there to witness him as he was the experience. There was a definite comedic factor between the two with a good bit of back and forth. I’ve seen many spots like this fall short, but this one was way over with the crowd. The match started and was solid start to finish. Dillinger picked up the win, as was expected, and the crowd went nuts. A deafening “Thank You Tye” chant broke out and he took his bows and encouraged the referee to cartwheel and throw up the ten. Dillinger then took more bows and waved goodbye to the audience, leaving the ring to loud chants still ringing out.

Intermission came and went and we were grace by William Regal’s presence. He came out on stage and talked about the history Center Stage and his history in the venue as well. He told the audience of how his debut match in the United States had happened in Center Stage. This was a big moment for me since as a child I had been in the audience on that night.

After intermission, the first match was a triple threat match for the tag team titles. Authors of Pain, minus Paul Ellering, faced off against DIY and The Revival. It was a good match that saw DIY and the Revival working together a good bit during the match rarely going head to head. In the end Authors of Pain of course picked up the win, but wasted no time in leaving the ring. DIY and the Revival hugged in the ring and their hands were raised before DIY left the ring giving Wilder and Dawson their sendoff moment. They were sent off with chants of Thank You Wilder, Thank You Dawson.

In women’s action, Asuka faced off against Ember Moon, who came out to a huge pop. The match was good and while Moon was in charge for a good portion of the match, with a handful of tights, Asuka picked up the win.

The night ended with a tag team title match with Bobby Roode and Cien Almas on one side and Hideo Itami and Shinsuke Nakamura on the opposing side. To say that the audience went wild when Nakamura’s music hit would be the understatement of the night. It was a good match where Hideo got some supportive chants going while he was being beaten down, but it was safe to say that the biggest pop was when Nakamura stepped into the ring. The match had solid back and forth with Shinsuke picked up the win. As everyone but Shinsuke left the ring, the deafening “ThankYou Shinsuke” chants took over to end the night.

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All in all it was a good show that I’d give a ten. Not only did the NXT roster deliver, the Atlanta audience delivered as well. Now, our city looks forward to Smackdown Live on May 30, 2017!