WWE SmackDown Live: 5 Exciting Potential Feuds Following Superstar Shakeup

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Rusev vs. Randy Orton

Moving Rusev to SmackDown was a good decision. He’s currently on the shelf with an injury, but when healthy has the opportunity to become the dominant force of old.

Had he stayed on Raw, Rusev could easily have been lost in the shuffle. There’s a number of giants like Braun Strowman, Big Show and Brock Lesnar. Competing with those other stars on an already-crowded show didn’t bode well for The Bulgarian Brute. He’s all alone on Tuesday nights, and can finally go back to dominating.

To add some legitimacy to his role, a feud with Randy Orton would make sense. This likely wouldn’t be for the WWE Championship, at least not yet, so Orton would need to drop the title elsewhere. But taking on the 13-time World Champion could help elevate him up the card.

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Rusev has the potential to become a top-tier talent on SmackDown, and a feud with Orton could set him on his way to a potential championship run.