4 Predictions for WWE Raw: April 17, 2017

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The Raw Women’s Division Receives a Boost

As of one the top female athletes in WWE today, Alexa Bliss was a popular choice to be traded to Raw. Her work since arriving on the main roster has been stellar to say to least. She’s brash, arrogant, and has the perfect combination of athleticism and beauty. Gaining a solid fan following due to her natural abilities, she excels in her role as a heel. SmackDown Live was a perfect place for the young woman to thrive, and now she’s a staple of Monday Nights.

With Nia Jax gearing up to face Bayley at Payback, the Women’s Championship scene doesn’t need Bliss at the moment. This frees her up to challenge any of the other women on Raw, and one feud in particular shows promise.

Still teasing an upcoming heel turn, Sasha Banks has remained in the background of Bayley’s title reign. Eventually, the time will come for the Boss to face her close friend, but that time isn’t now. If WWE plays their cards right, this could be a match that is saved for a big event like Summerslam. Until then, Banks is going to need someone to occupy her attention.

If given the opportunity, the product that these two women could create together is quite appealing. They both have strong promo skills, making a segment between the two must-see. The in-ring action would likely follow suit, as it’d feature two athletic females going at it. Payback is right around the corner, making it the perfect site for an official match. No matter who emerges victorious, both could certainly benefit from such a high-profile rivalry.