4 Predictions for WWE Raw: April 17, 2017

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The Miz Targets Finn Balor

Before The Miz left SmackDown Live, he was in the process of establishing himself as a main-event level heel. In 2016, the Awesome One enjoyed two reigns as Intercontinental Champion. Bringing prestige back to the championship with his fantastic rivalry with Dolph Ziggler, Miz proved that he was a great asset to WWE. This was evident in his feud with John Cena as well, although he didn’t enjoy much success by the end of it.

When Miz was drafted to Raw along with his wife Maryse, it was a bit of a head-scratching moment. The Flagship show features a rather large roster, and one would think he might get lost in the shuffle. As talented as he is, Miz has had difficulty breaking through the glass ceiling since his first world title win. He was close to doing so on the Blue Brand, but now his momentum is at risk of being lost.

To counteract this, WWE would be wise to grant him a short-term feud with a top superstar on Raw. Many of the main event stars are in the middle of rivalries at this point, making his options very slim. Despite this, there is a widely popular talent who still finds himself without a quality opponent. That man is Finn Balor, who as many of you know recently returned from injury.

Last week, it was hinted that Balor may be in line for a battle with Bray Wyatt, who recently found himself traded to the Flagship show. Their match likely won’t occur until after Payback, which allows the Demon King to participate in a short-term program. It may be out of the question considering Balor’s recent concussion, but we won’t know for sure until tonight.