4 Predictions for WWE Raw: April 17, 2017

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The Big Dog Looks for Revenge

Following his utter decimation at the hands of Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns was left in a crumpled head inside a turned over ambulance. The damage he received would incapacitate a lesser man, yet Reigns is no ordinary athlete. Since his debut back in 2012, the Big Dog has shown he can bounce back from anything.

Strowman may think that he has taken Reigns out of the equation, however, he is incorrect. Come Monday, expect the Big Dog to return looking for a fight. He isn’t going to be anywhere near 100%, but his condition won’t stop his quest for revenge. These two men are in the middle of what can be considered the top feud on Raw. Each of them knows this, and rest assured they won’t stop until one stands tall over the other.

The question is, will it be Reigns or Strowman leaving Payback as the victor? If the Raw after WrestleMania was any indicator, Strowman and Brock Lesnar are destined to compete. Should that come to fruition, it’d be rather foolish if the big man lost to Reigns yet again. His star power would fall drastically as a result, making it hard for him to be taken seriously going forward.

As for Reigns, it seems that the Big Dog is also in line for a shot against the Universal Champion. Rumor has it the second encounter between the two is set to occur at WrestleMania 34. That gives WWE an entire year to build him up, so in theory he can afford to lose to Strowman. Unfortunately, Reigns is fresh off his victory against The Undertaker. Would it be disrespectful to the Deadman for him to lose in this feud?

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