Braun Strowman Reacts to Ring Break from WWE Raw


Following Braun Strowman and Big Show breaking the ring on WWE Raw, one half of the duo had plenty to say in a tweet.

Braun Strowman has been on the rise since the 2016 WWE Draft. He ascended up the match card, going from the guy who squashes enhancement talents, to main eventing shows. It’s been a remarkable transformation for a guy that never competed on NXT TV, and as green as he looked when he debuted in August 2015.

On Monday’s episode of Raw, Strowman arguably had his best match and moment since arriving to the main roster. He faced Big Show in their second-ever encounter, following up on the one from earlier in 2017 and their staredown during the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

To cap off their match, Strowman superplexed Show from the top turnbuckle, causing the ring to collapse. It made the WWE Universe go wild, creating a thrilling moment for the Flagship Show.

Afterward, the Monster Among Men took to Twitter to react to what just happened. He kept it short, with a tweet of three hashtags:

Based on what we just saw, everyone fell — not just the World’s Largest Athlete. Kalisto and the Golden Truth were torn apart in Strowman’s warpath, doing so until Show stopped him backstage.

Does Raw belong to Strowman? Well, with how this episode was wrapped around him, this may hold true.

Is he a Monster Among Men? Yes, after everything he’s been pulling off on Raw, it makes this seems factual.

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Strowman had himself a rollercoaster of a night on Raw. He opened and closed the show, while also creating an eye-popping moment for the second straight week. Are we about to get the Summer of Braun?