WWE Raw: 3 Potential Opponents for Dean Ambrose

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3. Brock Lesnar

Let’s get the most improbable one out of the box right away. Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar would always look good on paper. Lesnar is a beast who loves to punish people with suplex after suplex. Ambrose is a deranged soul who loves to take a beating and keeps coming back for more. Their WrestleMania clash would have been great. Except that a certain someone just didn’t want to sell any ideas that the Lunatic Fringe had.

Creative could always take this route once more. That is, if they are convinced that the match would not turn out like the one from last time. Given 20 minutes, these two men could produce something filled with savage spots and teeth-clenching moments. The fact that both these men are champions at the moment could up the stakes of this match as well.

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However, we all know this would probably never happen again. If Lesnar were a little more willing to put Ambrose over, this could have made up for one hell of a pairing. For the time being, that would look good and feasible on paper alone. Hence we shall turn our attention to the next best monster on the entire Raw roster.