WWE Raw: 3 Potential Opponents for Dean Ambrose

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2. Braun Strowman

On paper, this pairing could make a lot of sense. Strowman did take out Ambrose’s former Shield brethren Roman Reigns this past week. The two of them had a made it a habit of avenging each others’ attackers over the past. Hence, Ambrose targeting Strowman would not be the strangest case of booking.

In the ring, these two could produce something amazing, given enough time. Dean is known for his over the top antics in extreme matches. Strowman is all about raw power and brute strength. Ambrose also has a history of creating great matches with men much bigger than him. He has had a few memorable matches with Baron Corbin on SmackDown. Moreover, this match could be what Ambrose vs Lesnar couldn’t produce.

However, to pull this off, creative would need to come up with bold decisions. Firstly, Reigns shouldn’t just bounce back and take out Strowman at Payback. He should take another clean loss and one hell of a beating that would take him out of action for a while longer. At this point, the Lunatic Fringe could swoop in and avenge his brother. Regardless of the IC title, Ambrose vs Strowman is a fresh pairing and something that has a lot of entertainment value.