WWE Rumors: Matt and Jeff Hardy’s ‘Broken’ Gimmick Will Be Used


Despite it sporadically appearing it on Raw, WWE has plans to go full-fledged “Broken” with Matt and Jeff Hardy. What’s holding it up, though?

Before WWE brought back Matt and Jeff Hardy, they reinvented themselves in TNA, under a “Broken” gimmick. They had completely different personalities from their previous 15-20 years in wrestling, which made for a change of course unlike anything seen in pro wrestling in recent years.

So far, WWE hasn’t had the Hardys go all out with “Broken,” except Matt dropping an occasional hint or two. It’s mostly been the brothers that we grew to knew in WWE for most of the 2000’s, but that may not last for long.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended), WWE plans on using the “Broken” gimmick on TV. They just need to work out an agreement with Anthem, the company that has given the Hardys problems over using it. WWE also feels what Matt and Jeff are doing now can only last so long.

The “Broken” Universe heading to WWE would be almost unprecedented. It worked well in TNA, but could it be taken one step further under Vince McMahon’s roof? That could be with higher production values and, potentially, more intricate uses of the gimmick.

We’ve seen “delete” chants in every venue since the Hardys returned to WWE, so people are aware of what they did. However, will the fans who never heard of what they did in TNA catch on? That can always be done through backstage vignettes to introduce this, something WWE arguably doesn’t use as much as they should.

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Whenever Matt and Jeff Hardy start using the “Broken” gimmick, it should be an interesting transformation to follow. How far can they go with it in WWE?