WWE Payback 2017: 3 Things House of Horrors Match Should Include

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Wyatt’s Followers

The lamb-mask bearing followers of Wyatt, or “Sheeple”, are bound to be in this match. It is, after all, Wyatt’s match, not Orton’s.

We’ve already seen in the past these followers ganging up on Orton backstage.

Despite losing Luke Harper, Wyatt still retains his ‘Cult Leader’ feel and persona. Gimmick wise, the Sheeple of Wyatt seem a safe bet when it comes to the House of Horrors.

Erick Rowan recently returned from injury and is back at Wyatt’s side. However, with Wyatt now on RAW and Payback being a RAW pay-per-view, can his presence in the match still be considered? With his new (and improved?) lamb mask, could he possibly come out as the chief lamb man amongst the other Sheeple?

With it being a ‘House’ of Horrors, it connotes a strong image of imprisonment. So, if Wyatt’s followers were to be part of the match, could they be ringside enforcers? This, however, makes it very similar to a Lumberjack Match.

It’s not too crazy to think that these Sheeple are going to be in the match. WWE recently had a survey asking fans what they wanted in the match; “Sheeple” was an option.

If they were included, the extent of their inclusion is unknown.