WWE Payback 2017: 3 Things House of Horrors Match Should Include

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Wyatt Compound

Bray Wyatt has already had a match at the Wyatt Compound. He and the Wyatt Family battled New Day at the compound.

It was something very reminiscent of the Total Deletion matches in TNA.

Similar to the ‘Sheeple’, a match set outside the arena was also an option in the fan survey.

With Orton burning the Wyatt compound, the match could be set in its remains or a new compound. It also allows all the aforementioned elements to also be a part of the match.

It also fits the name of the match — “House of Horrors”.

Additionally, it doesn’t over complicate things. I could just be a no-disqualification match set outside the arena. Similar to Total Deletion, there can even be a ring.

Better still, a match at the compound may finally give fans more to see about Sister Abigail. Though we’ve been told that she was buried under the Wyatt compound and that Orton burned her grave, we can only hope that we get to see more of her in the future.

There is but one downside to making their Payback match a gimmick match. With the Universal Title still on RAW, the WWE Championship staying on Smackdown seems predictable. A loss for Wyatt in his own match as well as in his first match for RAW won’t do him any favors.

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What do you think the House of Horrors match will include? And will it be any good?