WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 17

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More Brains From Braun

Braun Strowman just goofed off and made himself the biggest babyface on Raw, didn’t he?

I’m constantly in awe at how good Braun is on the mic. Usually these “monster” characters are horrible at talking. But Strowman is incredibly coherent, charismatic, and flat out great.

What’s most impressive about Strowman is his attention to continuity. Lest we forget, he’s the guy who broke out video of Kevin Owens promising him a Universal Title match when he was rebuffed. Tonight, Strowman reminded everyone that he actually watches the show. He brings up that Mick Foley never listened to him when he was GM as a warning to Kurt Angle. All Angle wanted to do was – if we’re being honest, rightfully – give Braun a night off.

But nope, Strowman says he wants actual competition, before adding his favorite two words – Or Else. Last time Braun said “Or Else,” half the roster got annihilated. If Reigns truly isn’t in the building, there’s no one to stand in Strowman’s way, right? What, is Curt Hawkins going to step up to the plate?

Also: I really want the WWE Shop to release some kind of Braun Strowman shirt with “OR ELSE” incorporated somehow. Hopefully we can get something like that in time for Payback.