WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 18

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The Queen Seeks the Title

At the top of the hour, SmackDown Live begins with a small tribute dedicated to Rosey. For those of you that don’t know, the former WWE talent recently passed away at the age of forty-seven. Following the tribute, Charlotte Flair comes out to address her current frustrations.

Despite only being on the Blue Brand for a week, Charlotte feels as though she deserves a title shot. Wondering aloud why this belief hasn’t come to fruition, she demands an opportunity at Naomi’s championship. This brings out the champion herself, who has had enough of Charlotte running her mouth. Declaring that there are no Queens on the Blue Brand, Naomi goes on to state that SmackDown Live does possess champions.

Although she takes pity in seeing Charlotte beg for a title shot, the champion has no problem partaking in a fight. Dropping the belt, Naomi took down her outspoken competitor and the two brawled throughout the ring. A referee arrives to diffuse the situation, but he is unsuccessful.

Shane McMahon is next on the scene, and his presence causes a momentary pause in the action. Announcing a match between the two women, he goes on to say that a victory by Charlotte will grant her a championship match. The only catch is, the contest will take place tonight.

Distracted by the Commissioner, Naomi left herself open to an attack from behind. For a moment Charlotte stood tall with the belt, however, Naomi quickly bounced back and sent the Queen running. The segment ended with the champion posing with her title.