WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 18

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AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin

Result: AJ Styles wins via count-out

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

In our main event of the evening, AJ Styles went up against Baron Corbin in a highly competitive contest. A great display of speed versus power, Styles found himself lagging behind early when the Lone Wolf took the fight to the veteran. Wearing down the number one contender to the United States Championship, Corbin showcased the destructive nature that has made him a big player on SmackDown Live. For a good while, it appeared that he was going to avenge his lost from last week.

It took a bit of time, but eventually the Phenomenal One was able to fight his way back into the contest. Stunning his opponent with strikes and amazing speed, Styles continued to press on. The Lone Wolf tried to mount a comeback, allowing control to switch back and forth between the two. Before long, the action found its way to the outside of the ring.

Going for the Styles Clash on the outside of the ring, the Phenomenal One’s attempt is thwarted and he’s sent crashing into Kevin Owens. Corbin tried to take advantage, but Styles was able to recover long enough to send the Lone Wolf over the barricade with a forearm. Rushing into the ring to beat the ten count, Styles stood tall as the winner by count-out. The show closes with a frustrated Owens looking on as his challenger celebrates the victory.

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