WWE NXT Results: Highlights, Analysis and Grades for April 19

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Bobby Roode Promo

Roode says he made WrestleMania weekend “glorious,” and single-handedly sold out the Amway Center. He calls himself the biggest box-office Superstars in the business.

Roode says the transformation of his Glorious era was finally completed. Then, he turns attention to Shinsuke Nakamura’s WWE NXT goodbye, and talks about how much he despised it. This leads to the crowd humming Nakamura’s music. Roode says there was “crap” coming out of Nakamura’s mouth.

Roode says no one deserves to be in his NXT, nor does anyone on the stage last week. This leads to Hideo Itami coming down to the ring. He stares down and slaps Roode, who starts trash talking. The Champion approaches Itami and quickly gets hit with Go to Sleep.

How good is it to see Itami getting involved in a title picture? The poor guy has been injured for most of the past two years, but is finally getting his opportunity at gold. It’s something that should have happened in the summer of 2015, but changed when he suffered a worse-than-expected shoulder injury.

Roode vs. Itami seems destined for the main event of NXT TakeOver: Chicago. It’s a fresh matchup and allows the former KENTA to get the spotlight he’s deserved for quite some time. Who else can’t wait for the Allstate Arena to react to the GTS, though?