TNA Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for April 20

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Impact Knockouts Championship Match
Rosemary (c) vs ODB

Result: Rosemary retains the Knockout’s Championship

ODB tries to take advantage of initial showmanship by Rosemary but the KO’s Champion doesn’t let the offense last.  The match trickles to the outside and it seems to signal bad news for ODB.  ODB uses her unorthodox style to fight back into the match.  A kick below the belt stops the Bronco Buster and Rosemary follows up with the Red Wedding.  Rosemary retains the Knockout’s Championship against a competitive ODB.

This match was definitely worth watching but literally fell a little short.  It was shorter than expected unfortunately but I hope te

Kongo Kong vs Chris Silvio

Result: Kong def. Silvio

Kongo Kong simply absolutely destroys Chris Silvio.  It started with a splash that left Silvio flattened and continued with a twirling cannonball.  Kong ended the match with a diving splash from the top turnbuckle.  Kongo Kong defeats Chris Silvio and adds another monster to the unit of KM and Sienna.

I am interested in Kongo Kong and his alliance with Sienna and KM.  He has a unique body type but there has to be a match with Fallah Bahh in the making.  Laurel is also back in the alliance but what will bring her back to her right mind?