TNA Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for April 20

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Impact World Championship Match
Lashley (c) vs James Storm

Result: Lashley retains the World Championship

Lashley is joined by Josh Matthews who may be his new manager but Matthews joins Borash and Pope at the announce desk.  He claims that he has to save the show and brings an interesting manager on commentary feel.  It’s quite old school if this is the way they are going with it.

This gets off to a technical start as both of these men have faced each other in the past.  Both men get some offense in early but Lashley takes control outside of the ring.  Ethan Carter III comes out to get a close look at this World Championship match.  A suplex on the steel steps maintains Lashley’s control as the match goes back into the ring.

As the match goes back into the ring it is more of the same with Lashley’s domination.  Storm does turn up the tempo and has Lashley reeling.  An unusual top rope elbow drop almost puts Lashley away and Storm pulls out his power game.  Lashley grabs a chair in an  act of desperation and it backfires on his to almost put him away.

The referee gets knocked out as Storm hits his Last Call Superkick but kicks away the chair.  He goes for old faithful, the beer bottle, but EC3 comes in and knocks him loopy with it.  Lashley retains his Impact World Championship against James Storm after shenanigans by EC3.