WWE NXT: All 26 Champions in Brand’s History, Ranked

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All 26 champions in WWE NXT’s history have been ranked. Who topped the list at No. 1?

WWE NXT has been around for nearly five years, being the brand for WWE’s developmental system. This hasn’t just played the role of building up talents, though, as it became a nationally-acclaimed show, one that sold out venues across the world, just to see who’s the next Face of NXT.

During these five years, NXT has seen 26 champions go through the ranks — three of which are ongoing in their title reigns. They have all stood tall, main eventing shows and turning into established names with the championship in hands. Some did better than others, of course, which leads to the development of this ranking of every champion in WWE NXT history.

Note: All but two of these champions are still with WWE — Oliver Grey and Simon Gotch.

26. Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey

The first-ever NXT Tag Team Champions were Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey. It’s one of the many honors Neville had in WWE NXT, but if you’ve never heard of Oliver Grey, it’s difficult to blame you, since he was only in the title scene for a hot second.

Neville and Grey didn’t last as a tag team for long, due to the latter’s injury that led to him being replaced by Bo Dallas in a title match. It didn’t help that the Man Who Forgot His First Name stood out among the two, leaving Grey as the guy who would likely fall after their split. That indeed happened, with Neville going on to become NXT Champion in 2014.

Neville and Grey’s run as champions, albeit being the inaugural ones, isn’t a standout moment in NXT history. It wasn’t the last time Neville dabbled in the tag title scene, though, which only came two months later.