WWE NXT: All 26 Champions in Brand’s History, Ranked

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17. Big E Langston

Well before he was part of the New Day, Big E had a last name: Langston. He used this into the early part of his main roster stay, as well, but had it dropped during his singles run.

However, even before this, Big E was the top star in WWE NXT, as the NXT Champion. He became the second Superstar to hold the belt, actually defeating Seth Rollins (who had already joined the Shield on the main roster) for it.

The time on top for Big E in NXT lasted 154 days, topping Rollins’ run by 19. He could have gone longer, but also moved up to the main roster before his televised NXT Championship reign began. This put a limit on his time on top, and somewhat made it forgettable.

Langston, despite being on the main roster for the majority of his reign, lasted as champion just over five months. He defeated Conor O’Brien (Konnor), a Brad Maddox and Damien Sandow to remain on top, before falling to Bo Dallas.