WWE NXT: All 26 Champions in Brand’s History, Ranked

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16. Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas isn’t exactly the person who screams “WWE Champion,” if you’ve followed along with his three-year stay on the main roster. However, he was once called “NXT Champion” for two-thirds of a year.

Dallas got repackaged with the “Bo-lieve” gimmick, an inspirational personality that saw him say heel-ish things with a grin going from cheek to cheek. It put him in the WWE NXT main event scene, winning the NXT Championship from Big E Langston.

Dallas went on to hold the title for a then-record 261 days, a mark he held for most of 2013 and into 2014. He topped everyone from Sami Zayn to Adrian Neville on TV, and a handful of others at live events. It didn’t see him have a top-notch feud with anyone, until Neville’s early 2014 run at gold came about.

The member of the Rotunda family never quite became a dominant force in NXT, or a face of the brand, but he still holds true as one of the longest reigning champions in the brand’s history. His time on the main roster hasn’t come close to this, but he’s still managed to be a useful member.