WWE NXT: All 26 Champions in Brand’s History, Ranked

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3. Asuka

We’re 19 months into Asuka’s time in WWE NXT, and she still hasn’t been pinned or submitted. This nearly happened against Ember Moon at TakeOver: Orlando, but the Japanese Sensation slid by with dirty tactics.

For the majority of this time, Asuka has held the NXT Women’s Championship. He defeated fan-favorite Bayley for it at TakeOver: Dallas, taking over the throne that had been claimed for the past eight months. It marked a new beginning, something no one could picture without Bayley, but things went forward anyway.

Over one year later, the Empress of Tomorrow is still NXT Women’s Champion. She’s mowed down everyone in her way, most of which have been the top female competitors in NXT. That may change soon, but for now, she stands tall with a reign closing in on 400 days.

The title reign length and dominance pushes Asuka to the top. The only thing is unlike Bayley, she never became the face of the women’s division. While there is a connection with the fans, it’s not like what the Hugster did. Then again, can anyone replicate that?

There’s still more story to be told in Asuka’s reign, which has at least another month to it. Could her time be up at TakeOver: Chicago?