WWE NXT: All 26 Champions in Brand’s History, Ranked

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24. The Vaudevillains

The Vaudevillains were always on shaky ground in WWE NXT. They constantly teetered between face and heel, sometimes having fans confused which side Aiden English and Simon Gotch were on. One period of time had them as good guys, which was established and helped lead to their NXT Tag Team Championship win at TakeOver: Brooklyn.

The moment for English and Gotch was beloved by the fans, who celebrated as Blue Pants helped even the odds, taking out Alexa Bliss. This let them get a raucous crowd reaction, and seemingly sent them into elite territory, right?


For the next two months, the Vaudevillains’ reign stayed quiet. They defended against Blke and Murphy in an uneventful rematch, and proceeded to sporadically appear on NXT TV. That lasted until the Revival thwarted any holding power that remained with the fans, as they dropped the NXT Tag Team Championship on an episode of the weekly show. Ouch.

It made the reign a forgettable one for Gotch and English, despite the moment that came with it. Their old-school gimmick never fully got over either, which may have led to the quick title change.