WWE NXT: All 26 Champions in Brand’s History, Ranked

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23. The Lucha Dragons

Kalisto had been rising as a masked Superstar in WWE NXT, but hadn’t found his footing. That didn’t come until Sin Cara was brought to Full Sail University, being paired with Kalisto to become the Lucha Dragons.

The similarity in attire and in-ring style made these two a perfect match, as a tag team. It eventually resulted in a NXT Tag Team Championship reign in Sep. 2014 at NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way.

Surprisingly, the Lucha Dragons became the team to dethrone the Ascension of their record title reign. They hadn’t received much of a build toward this match, but with Konnor and Viktor being prepped for the main roster, it seemed like the belts got hot-shotted off them.

Well, after Kalisto and Cara won, they were barely heard from with the tag titles. They fended off the Vaudevillains at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution in a short match, only to drop them on a random episode of WWE NXT to Blake and Murphy. Not the ideal way to end a title reign, even if it was one that felt nonexistent at times.

It’s difficult to remember a highlight from the Lucha Dragons’ reign other than their title win. They’ve had steady careers on the main roster, if it means anything.