WWE NXT: All 26 Champions in Brand’s History, Ranked

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22. Adrian Neville and Corey Graves

Neville and Corey Graves is about as unlikely of a tag team as it gets, as their contrasting styles and personalities made them seem on opposite ends of the spectrum. That didn’t prevent them from being the third NXT Tag Team Champions, however.

Neville and Graves took down Harper and Rowan, along with the help of Sheamus. It kept the Wyatt Family’s momentum in place, as they were moving to WWE’s main roster and didn’t need the titles anymore. Having a main roster Superstar interfere added to the moment, too, making it grander for Neville and Graves.

However, the reign of these two unlikely partners lasted just two-and-a-half months. They fell to the Ascension in the fall of 2013, and proceeded to break up soon after. That seemed inevitable anyway, given their differences and the push of Neville to the forefront of WWE NXT.

Neville and Graves’ run was short and hardly monumental. It got the job done in putting over the future NXT Champion, and brought us into the live special era of the brand.