WWE SmackDown Live Division Power Rankings: Jinder Mahal Rises to Face Randy Orton

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SmackDown Live

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Welcome to the SmackDown Live Division Power Rankings for this week.

These are the power rankings for each division on SmackDown Live for this following week. Each division would be ranked based on storyline progression and win/loss record as of 2017. Also each division would be divided by contenders and pretenders, to differentiate the challengers in their respective division. I’ll also highlight a specific superstar in each division and explain their ranking based on their actions. Win-Loss record is provided by CageMatch.Net.

Each superstar or tag team can move up or down the rankings based on victory, defeat or storyline progression. Let’s get right to the rankings.

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The SmackDown Live Women’s Division

Highlights of the Division

So instead of this division starting off on the right foot after the Superstar Shakeup—we were left with a scenario we constantly see on Monday Night Raw: someone facing the champion in a nontitle match for a shot at the gold. This head-scratcher of an idea is lazy booking 101 and diminishes the credibility of any champion trapped in that corner. Unfortunately for Naomi, she was pegged in a no-win situation when she faced Charlotte on SmackDown Live. If she had beaten the Queen—Charlotte wouldn’t have been sniffing at a title opportunity anytime soon. But the fact that Naomi lost in this high-profile non-title match means her days as champion are over. 

Charlotte will finally have a crack of becoming the Women’s Champion once again in a rematch versus Naomi next week on SmackDown Live. I can’t envision a scenario where Naomi walks out with the title in her grasps, which is unfortunate given the short amount of time she’s held the championship. Naomi worked hard to get to the top of the division but the WWE see Charlotte as one of the cornerstones of the SmackDown Live brand. 

No sighting of Becky Lynch this week but she’s still a title threat in the upper-echelon of the division. The Irish Lass-Kicker will be in the mix of things after the conclusion of next week’s championship match between Charlotte and Naomi.

Carmella, Natalya and Tamina all confronted Shane McMahon over the title opportunity Charlotte was given after arriving from Raw last week. The fact that they are teaming together over the idea of Charlotte potentially becoming the champion is refreshing to see. This might benefit all the competitors involved and build these challengers into credible contenders in the long run. 

It looks like Lana will debut a different type of gimmick then what we are accustomed to for years. I’ll reserve my judgment on her new metamorphosis once she steps foot in the squared circle.

Let’s see the rankings for the division this week.

SmackDown Live Women’s Champion: Naomi (5 Wins – 1 Loss)


  • No. 1 Contender: Charlotte (5 Wins – 7 Losses) (Moved Up 2 Spot)
  • Contender No. 2: Becky Lynch (6 Wins – 6 Losses) (Moved Down 1 Spot)
  • Contender No. 3: Carmella (4 Wins – 2 Losses) (Moved Down 1 Spot)


  • Pretender No. 1: Nikki Bella (3 Wins – 1 Loss)
  • Pretender No. 2: Natalya (1 Win – 4 Losses)
  • Pretender No. 3: Tamina Stuka (N/A)
  • Pretender No. 4: Lana (N/A)