WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 5 Early Predictions to Win

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4. Sami Zayn

The underdog story was once done with Sami Zayn in NXT in 2014, and seems like we’re on that path again. He’s already losing consecutive matches on SmackDown Live, which may be a way of him eventually getting his moment under the sun. It won’t quite be like Daniel Bryan’s story — someone he often gets compared to — but the overcoming-the-odds story is draped all over Zayn.

If WWE wanted to give Zayn his moment, what about giving him a win at Money in the Bank? He could then line up his inevitable World title shot later in 2017, or wait for WrestleMania 34 season. There seems to be sentiment among the fans of Zayn being the ideal choice for the win:

By giving the former ROH star the briefcase, it would sum up two months of constant losing, only to win by fluke in the ladder match. Then, when he does cash in against a hated heel, it will feel like a special moment. Who knows, maybe the pop will be similar to Dolph Ziggler’s in 2013 (his situation has similarities)?

The problem with giving Zayn this win is it would come too soon. It’s not the ideal emotional conclusion to his underdog run, either, which as we saw with NXT TakeOver: R Evolution, having the crowd behind him in a standard singles match worked perfectly. The feelings were all there as the Underdog from the Underground finally “won the big one,” as Neville used to say.

Saving Zayn’s moment is for the best. Leave it for a PPV main event — maybe against Kevin Owens.