WWE Payback 2017: 3 Predictions for Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

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What could go down when the Big Dog Roman Reigns faces the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman at WWE Payback?

In a little over one week, Roman Reigns will look to avenge Braun Strowman’s brutal attack from two weeks back at WWE Payback. The Big Dog, frescareer-makingr making victory over the Undertaker would suffer a merciless beat-down at the hands of the Monster Among Men. The segment could be defined as one of the best back-stage attacks in recent times in the WWE.

Of course it is entertaining every time Strowman goes on a rampage. However, after attacking and putting Reigns out of the show, Strowman has become a crowd favorite. He would suddenly evolve into the red-hot anti-hero people loved to cheer for. In some ways and manners, Strowman is what Reigns should have been from the first place. The segment where Strowman flipped an ambulance would be remembered by fans for many years.

This week on Raw, General Manager Kurt Angle would announce a match between these two heavy weights at Payback. Considering how well WWE has booked Strowman to this point, one could expect him to come out on top. However, the company has been extremely protective of Reigns. This could prove to be another night where creative would arrogantly put him on top much to the dismay of the fans. Like they say, anything could happen when these two behemoths collide. Here are Daily DDT’s top 3 predictions for this match.