3 Reasons Bray Wyatt Will Suffer While on WWE Raw

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2. WWE Don’t Know How to Book Him

If you look back at Bray Wyatt’s booking history, you’ll see one big, disjointed mess after another. When he was first introduced, he had the potential to become the next Undertaker, or at the very least something similar.

Since then, WWE have screwed him up royally. He lost in all of his WrestleMania matches thus far, and was made a fool of at the hands of John Cena and The Rock at WrestleMania 32, despite neither of them being full-time wrestlers at that point.

In every single one of his high-profile and most critical feuds, Wyatt has done more talking than winning. Ultimately, that’s what Wyatt had become: all talk and no action, especially in big match situations.

These faults seemed to have been alleviated, however, when Bray Wyatt won the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber. Alas, that win had no long-term consequences, and now Wyatt finds himself drafted onto a show on which he isn’t a top priority.

Because of this, Wyatt won’t enjoy anywhere near the success he had on SmackDown, despite being one of the blue brand’s most popular wrestlers.