WWE Payback 2017: 5 Must-See Matches from PPV’s History

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5. CM Punk vs Chris Jericho (2013)

This match was CM Punk’s return to action. After a historic reign, Punk dropped the WWE Championship to the Rock at the Royal Rumble before falling victim to the Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania.

Chris Jericho would challenge the Chicago-Made straight-edge to a match in Punk’s hometown. This contest wasn’t overbooked and did not have a stipulation. This was simply a grudge match between two wrestlers who both believed they were “the best in the world.”

The announce team really played up Punk’s ring rust throughout the singles bout. This match was not the best match between the men who claim best in the world but it does not disappoint. However, if a superstar is returning from a sabbatical is there an opponent better than the gift of Jericho?

The lead singer of Fozzy and the voice of the voiceless would grapple, chain wrestle, counter each others’ submission and repeat. This match is not a gaudy over-the-top extreme rules grudge match. This match is the “I’m better than you at professional wrestling” kind of grudge match.

However, this was definitely the beginning of the end for Punk. Hindsight is 20-20, the announce team in 2013 could disguise it as ring rust but viewing it in 2017 it was obvious that the longest reigning WWE champion in a quarter-century was burnt-out from the business.

This match definitely has some replay value and could be considered a hidden gem on the inaugural Payback pay per view.