5 WWE Raw Stars That Should Be Universal Champion Over Brock Lesnar

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4. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens as Universal Champion was something of a success story. While his booking as champion was questionable, he still managed to make the best of things and was a refreshing site in the title picture. It would’ve been much more interesting to see Kevin Owens feuding with Roman Reigns than it is to have Reigns scheduled to face Brock Lesnar (eventually).

Contrary to popular belief, a title’s prestige does influence fan interest in that title’s defenses. If a championship is treated poorly (which is done by having part-timers win them or if they’re defended by weaklings), fans won’t care about them as much. But Owens managed to rectify to some degree the Universal Championship’s prestige by embarking on the longest Universal Championship reign to date.

Reigns facing Owens would’ve been a fun feud to watch. They’ve already shown they have good chemistry together, as seen by their great match together at the 2017 Royal Rumble PPV. An extended feud between them would’ve allowed Reigns to get more practice in cutting promos against someone that already excels at that, and would’ve led to very loud reactions, as both men are known for eliciting strong reactions from the audience.