5 WWE Raw Stars That Should Be Universal Champion Over Brock Lesnar

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3. Cesaro

Yes, this is an incredibly unrealistic suggestion for RAW’s Universal Champion, but it’s still worth mentioning. Vince McMahon is adamant that he simply does not ‘get’ Cesaro, despite Cesaro’s incredible skills and popularity. Do you know whom else Vince didn’t once get? Mick Foley.

Foley was the farthest things from what Vince considered a top guy, much less someone worthy of the top championship in the company. But, the fans absolutely loved Foley, and wanted to see him win so badly. So one day, Vince decided, ‘you know what? Let’s have him win, just to see what could happen’.

The result was one of the biggest and most historic wins in WWE history. Foley’s win, which was spoiled by WCW, turned the tides of the Monday Night Wars forever in WWE’s favor. This was because everyone was convinced Foley would never win the big belt; and when he did, they were genuinely elated. Even though his combined 3 World title reigns spanned less than a month, he still managed to hold the biggest prize in the air for a short period.

While it’s true that WWE today operates under different circumstances, the possible reaction could be the same. Imagine if Cesaro won the WWE Universal Championship and held it, even for just one month. That alone would be a monumental victory for one of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE.

As for a feud with Roman Reigns for the top title, it would definitely work. A babyface vs. babyface feud tends to work just as much as a traditional babyface vs. heel rivalry. Cesaro vs. Reigns would definitely be one feud many people would want to see, especially since both of them regulars on the roster with sustained and unyielding fan followings.