5 WWE Raw Stars That Should Be Universal Champion Over Brock Lesnar

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2. Seth Rollins

A feud between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns has the potential to be a tremendous draw on RAW. The two former Shield members have become two of the most popular wrestlers in WWE, and both have been top guys for many years. The Shield, as a unit, has become so popular that any reunion or combination of them together is virtually guaranteed to get praise from the audience.

Rollins as Universal Champion would be a vindication of sorts following his relinquishing of the WWE Championship back in 2015. Now that he has ended his extended rivalry with Triple H, Rollins should be challenging for the Universal Championship. Rollins vs. Reigns would be a more interesting feud for many reasons, the most important of which being these two men’s shared history together.

We saw a glimpse of them feuding last year, but something more extensive between them needs to happen. A straight singles feud between Rollins and Reigns over which of them is the bigger star is an easy story to tell, and one that can yield positive results without much difficulty.