4 Predictions for WWE Raw: April 24, 2017

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Welcome to Raw

This week, the monstrous Braun Strowman is set to take on Kalisto in a Dumpster match. It’s going to be the ultimate David and Goliath battle, a clash of speed versus power. Most would expect Strowman to emerge victorious here, but there is a wild card in the mix.

Although he missed the previous episode of Raw, it appears that Roman Reigns is ready to make his return. Should tonight mark the occasion for the continuation of his feud, expect him to attempt to cost Strowman the victory. It would be just revenge for the Big Dog, as it was Strowman who put him on the shelf in the first place. Plus, the assault could generate a ton of buzz heading into Payback, where the two are set to battle once again.

Regardless of whether or not Reigns returns, this match is going to be a tough contest for Kalisto. The recent months haven’t been kind to his career, as his spotlight on SmackDown Live was incredibly dim at best. Honestly, it’s hard to believe that at this time last year he was the reining United States Champion. Add that to the fact he’s facing the most dominant full-time star in WWE today, and Kalisto may be unable to walk out of the arena on his own two feet.

Early on in the match, Kalisto is going to try to hit hard and often. The no-disqualification environment will benefit him, as he can use anything and everything on his opponent. Eventually, though he’s going to get caught in Strowman’s tight grip. When that happens, the match is going to go from must-see to hard to watch.