4 Predictions for WWE Raw: April 24, 2017

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The Awesome One Earns His Moniker

Ever since The Miz was drafted to Monday Night Raw, he’s been made to suffer at the hands of Dean Ambrose. The current Intercontinental Champion had made it his mission to terrorize his outspoken rival at every opportunity. A single Dirty Deeds kicked-off the feud two weeks ago, and a brawl last week signified an end to this rivalry is nowhere in sight. The Lunatic Fringe may be leading in the physical aspect of this exchange, but Miz proved his mastery of the microphone during the last episode of MizTV.

Accusing Ambrose of being lazy and complacent, the Awesome One voice the rumored concerns of backstage officials. Having the blend of truth and reality in professional wrestling enhances feuds, and this was showcased here in volumes. Miz may have received an assault due to his words, but it doesn’t remove the honesty within them. Whether you’re a fan of Ambrose or not, his recent work hasn’t been his best. Rather than rising to the top once again, it seems that he’s more inclined to remain complacent.

Based upon his savage attack last week, it seems that the Lunatic Fringe does still possess the fire to be the best. He needs to use this newfound momentum to his advantage, but this next episode of Raw isn’t the proper time. Ambrose needs to picked apart by his rival, and this accomplished in a number of ways. The end result needs to have him seeking revenge, as it will give fans a proper reason to get behind him.

When Dean Ambrose and The Miz held their rivalry on Tuesday nights, the end result benefitted both men. Once again they have the opportunity to produce magic between one another. The only question is; will they?