Has WWE Held Finn Balor Back Since Raw Return?


Since his return to Raw right after WrestleMania, Finn Balor has not had much direction. So is WWE holding back on him? Or is there a long term plan in place we can’t see yet?

On the Raw after WrestleMania we saw the return of Finn Balor after being out of action since last year due to injury. His return was exciting and extremely welcomed, as he became Seth Rollins surprise Tag Team partner against Samoa Joe and Owen Kevins. However since his return, nothing much has been happening with him, even after a tease of a potential feud with Bray Wyatt. Unfortunately on his first solo match back, he did suffer a concussion against Jinder Mahal, but was back in action a week later after getting cleared. Could this be why he is currently directionless?

It does make sense that he would be booked carefully, to avoid anything else happening, however that only really works for in the ring. The fact that he has been back for weeks and doesn’t exactly have a feud or storyline is a bit ridiculous. There has not been any further build between Balor and Wyatt, and in fact it looks as if Wyatt is headed in a different direction after what took place on Raw this week. He attacked Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho, and also gave The Miz the Sister Abigail to end the show. Whilst Finn Balor was once again a replacement Tag Team partner this time for Seth Rollins and Big Cass against Samoa Joe and The Club.

Payback is this coming Sunday, Finn Balor does not have a match but has been regulated to the Kick-off Show. So what will he be doing? He is going to be a guest on Miz TV, which actually makes no sense in the grand scheme of things. Since switching brands, The Miz and Dean Ambrose have been feuding, yet they do not have a match at Payback for the IC Title. The Miz and Finn Balor have not had an interaction to justify this segment, so what is the plan then? Are they scrapping the Ambrose/Miz feud and perhaps going with Miz/Balor?

Finn Balor deserves to be in the main event scene, he did not actually lose the Universal Title so why then has he not demanded a match? We know Brock Lesner is not a full time superstar however he will be back in action at some point, he does have the Championship. A match between the two could be a pretty big draw, even if Finn does not win it is still a huge step and furthers his own credibility. It just does not make much sense that one of the most exciting stars on the roster is directionless and feudless and has been for weeks.

Whether they go ahead with a program between Balor and The Miz or they do decide to go with him against Bray Wyatt, something needs to happen and soon. Any feud would be good right now for Balor, build him back up after the injury and get him out there. Yes they obviously do not want to push him too much and avoid any further injuries but this is not the right way to do that. Things are very stale for him, and they really shouldn’t be. Finn Balor should be a show piece for Raw, but he hasn’t been and the few matches he has had one on one have been real throwaways.

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We can only hope that WWE do have a long-term plan for him, and they aren’t holding back on him. Holding back on Balor would be a huge mistake, he is someone who should be one of the big faces of Raw, and lately it is hard to remember he is even back. There wasn’t much mention about him being against The Club, considering they were part of The Bullet Club together, ball dropped big time there. Finn Balor is someone very special, a demon is definitely waiting to break out and cause mayhem.