WWE Rumors: Two Former Impact Wrestling Stars Set to Sign


Could Crazzy Steve and Gunner be the future of WWE?

With many returns comes more departures for Impact Wrestling.  It has been reported by the Wrestling Observer that Crazzy Steve and Gunner may be making their way to WWE in the near future.

There have been many recent departures in Impact Wrestling since it was bought out by Anthem Sports and Entertainment.  Many of the wrestlers that have left Impact and reportedly signed with WWE.  Names that come to mind are Mike Bennett, Drew Galloway, even Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode from a while back.  Both men made their names and have turned heads in the process, including becoming NXT Champion.

Crazzy Steve has recently become known from his sadistic character within the Decay.  His character has had a turn around since it’s origin in the Managerie.  The time he has spent in the Decay has obviously caught the attention of rival company WWE.  He has shown the ability to develop a persona over time and change with whatever he has been given.  Along with his skill to adapt, he has also developed his in ring skills during his run in Impact Wrestling.

Gunner was with the company from 2010-2015 having his most notable feuds with James Storm and Samuel Shaw.  It seemed like Gunner was set to return as a member of Veterans of War with Crimson.  With this most recent report, it could be possible that either the team is in doubt or Gunner was not one of their original members.  Gunner was a wrestler with world championship potential but it was never realized in his five-year tenure.

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If the reports are true, both of these men could bring newer talent to NXT.  A stint in WWE developmental could allow these two to find their characters in the new brand.  Recent departures from Impact Wrestling have had success in WWE before and could these two be the next crop of talent?