5 Ways WWE Payback 2017 Can Exceed Expectations

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WWE Payback, Source: WWE.com

Fan expectations for WWE Payback are pretty low this year. Here are five ways those expectations can be surpassed on Sunday.

On Sunday, WWE and Raw present Payback from San Jose, California. It’s the first pay per view event for the company since WrestleMania 33. And, to put it bluntly, expectations for the show are not great.

The card for Payback is still not finalized as of this writing. However, what has been announced so far suffers from the same predictability that hampers many WWE shows these days. Just looking at the card, one can almost figure out exactly how the night will unfold.

It’s not a lost cause, though. There are plenty of ways WWE can exceed expectations for Payback. The biggest thing necessary is to avoid that same old predictability. If (and that’s a big if) something happens that is truly unexpected, fans will likely respond positively. Even if it’s not necessarily a desired outcome, getting something different objectively makes the show exceed expectations.

So how can WWE pull this off? There are quite a few ways, in my opinion, that avoiding the predictable and expected result would be an improvement. Some involve match results, some involve the aftermath of a contest, and some just would provide a cool visual.

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With that, here are five ways WWE and Raw can exceed expectations for Payback this year.