5 Ways WWE Payback 2017 Can Exceed Expectations

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5. House of Horrors Should Hold Nothing Back

Leaving aside the ridiculousness of having a world champion from SmackDown Live appear on a Raw pay per view for a title match that becomes a non-title match, this match has potential.

The problem is, Bray Wyatt and his “mind games” have become so predictable and lame that no one is really expecting much of anything from the House of Horrors match. The last time Wyatt faced Randy Orton at WrestleMania, the bugs projected on the ring were pretty awful. To come back from that would require quite a bit.

How can this be remedied? By literally throwing everything you have into creating the House of Horrors. I’m talking throwing a Big Four pay per view show’s entire budget into making this match unlike anything seen before.

Look, Orton basically no-sold the creepy crawlies from the video projection at Mania. From a competitor’s standpoint, Wyatt needs to think outside the box to make sure this match accomplishes it’s intended purpose – to avenge his loss and make Randy pay. Video bugs didn’t work, so how about literal bugs? How about chainsaw-wielding clowns? Fire breathing robots? THE BOOGEYMAN?

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The point here: The House of Horrors match can’t just be “Bray Wyatt acts spooky and a kid sings an old hymn,” because that would be more of the same. If you’re truly blowing off the Wyatt-Orton story, and the title is a non-factor, and they’re going to be on separate shows for the foreseeable future? Go crazy with it.