WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 24

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Raw, Source: WWE.com

This week brings us the final episode of Raw before WWE Payback. What happened as we draw closer to the pay-per-view this weekend?

Previously on WWE Raw, Braun Strowman continued his march to “Greatest Superstar in WWE History.” In an effort to top his ambulance tossing from a week earlier, The Monster Among Men superplexed Big Show in the main event – causing the ring to collapse. No big thing for Braun, as he got right up like nothing had happened.

A new number one contender for the Raw Women’s Championship was determined last week, as well. Alexa Bliss survived a fatal four-way match to punch her ticket to a match with Bayley at WWE Payback.

This week, Braun Strowman would be in action again. During his rampage last week, he literally threw Kalisto out like he was a piece of trash. So the luchador challenged Strowman to a Dumpster Match. Did Kalisto survive? Or did Braun continue his path of destruction en route to Payback?

The Hardy Boyz have followed up a successful WrestleMania return by continuing to defeat all opposition. Last week Jeff Hardy defeated Cesaro in singles action. This week, Matt took on Sheamus ahead of the Raw Tag Team Championship match at Payback. Did the Hardys continue to dominate?

But things got kicked off this week with Chris Jericho, who’s gunning for Kevin Owens and the United States Championship at Payback. Y2J brought out the Jeritron 6000 for an episode of The Highlight Reel. Who was his guest?

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