WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 24

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Talk is Cheap

The best version of Chris Jericho is the one who treats his promos like the beginning of a rock concert.

The worst version of Chris Jericho is the pandering goofball who thinks “he’s ugly!” is a sick burn.

And tonight, we got both versions of Jericho. It started with such promise, but devolved into garbage. I thought The Miz would save things – he usually does – but even he just came out to recycle old storylines. How many times has The Highlight Reel been canceled?

Speaking of canceling The Highlight Reel, here comes Wacky Dean Ambrose to cancel Miz TV and replace it with the Ambrose Asylum. I feel like somewhere in there is a commentary on how all talk shows are really just interchangeable nonsense, but I digress.

However, after Ambrose came out the segment took a turn for the best. Mainly it’s because of continuity – Ambrose and Jericho made peace, acknowledging their checkered past. And if you thought I was going to hate on a segment where Jericho got a brand new light up jacket, well, you don’t know me at all, do you?

Hey, before I forget – kudos to Maryse, who clearly graduated from the Xavier Woods School of Selling Getting Put On The List Of Jericho. Acting like that makes me want to watch The Marine 5: Look How Many Superstars We Put In This One, even though I haven’t seen the first four.