WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 24

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Matt Hardy (w/ Jeff Hardy) vs. Sheamus (w/ Cesaro)

Result: Matt Hardy defeated Sheamus via pinfall

Rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars

They say there’s only two certainties in life: death, and taxes. Well, for WWE fans, there’s a third certainty – a tag team championship match build will always include two singles matches.

Since last week gave us Cesaro vs. Jeff Hardy, this week their partners get their chance. In all honesty, the two matches probably should have taken place in reverse order. Jeff and Cesaro are the “exciting” members of their teams, while Matt and Sheamus are more the “other guy” part (at least without a Broken Hardy universe going on).


Perhaps feeling the same way themselves, Matt and Sheamus decided to roll into the commercial break after a Side Effect on the ring apron. Well, my apologies for calling your partners the flashy ones. It was a pretty nice spot, and much easier to watch than the White Noise that Sheamus was setting up would have been.

I don’t agree with Sheamus being in control after that commercial break – not after a Side Effect on the apron. Sure, they showed us how it happened on replay, but that’s a signature move. No matter how much stronger Sheamus is, he should have been a bit worse off.

One big thing this match – and the match last week between Jeff and Cesaro – shined a light on is the conditioning of the Hardy Boyz. They’re no spring chickens anymore, and as the matches progressed, both Matt and Jeff were noticeably gassed. That’s the beauty of tag team wrestling – a similar length match is less of an issue when you can tag in and out.

The tenuous, begrudging respect is a good angle to head into Payback. And speaking of angles…

Kurt Angle: Terrific General Manager

Boy, did Kurt learn quick or what? He’s still kind of in that honeymoon period where we’re all going to love him no matter what, but his GM run on Raw has been pretty solid so far. His decisions have all made sense, and he doesn’t seem to be letting personal feelings get in the way.

Look at Braun Strowman last week. Angle told him to leave, and he had to be angry at being ignored. But, he knew that a match between Big Show and Strowman would bring down the house. Or, uh, the ring. So he did it.

Tonight, he’s excited about the Dumpster Match, but he’s willing to scrap it if Kalisto wants out. And, rather than force The Miz into a handicap match, he gives him – the heel – a fair chance to find a partner. It’s great.

Also, he’s sign language vulgar, and that’s pretty awesome.